09 Apr 2017

Why we do this? The track & the film


So here is the film I’ve cut together for our mission at Being ManKind. We hope it gives you goosebumps and helps you see why we’re doing what we’re doing.

This film would be nothing without the talent of spoken word artist – Emmanuel Speaks – he took a bunch of my rambling text messages (yes we did this all through SMS) and turned the noise into a track that says everything I wanted to say. He has been truly generous in giving us his time (he is still at uni and had exams on!) and his talent. Thank you so much Emmanuel. (We’ll be selling this track soon – so that we can raise funding for our mission and provide Emmanuel with funding to write more beautiful poetry).

The last year has been one of the most difficult years ever – challenges from all angles but Being ManKind has been the joy in amongst all those challenges. It’s so important to the team and I (not just the first part but as we move forwards to the wider mission – which you can read about here). This track and film sum up why this is all so needed.

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