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As World Heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua says in his foreword to Being ManKind Volume 1 – “It’s easy to follow the crowd rather than make your own decisions. Be open, be honest, and be an individual thinker. We have the blueprints of those before us to build our own futures.”

Starting young people thinking about this early on is important. The role models in this book are there to inspire boys but we think the conversation has to be broader than that. Any young person can read these stories and see that being human is complex, diverse and should never be constrained by gender stereotypes. It’s the only way we can aim for an equal society. So, if you’re part of a school, are a pupil, a parent or a youth organisation – get in touch and let’s work together to bring these stories to life in the way that best works for the young people around you.

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If you want to submit a story of your own for Being ManKind Volume 2, or you just want to help us with our mission through collaboration, funding or anything else, please do get in touch – we want to meet you.


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