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Why are we doing this?

We’re building a community of schools, charities, and individuals who are working towards a common goal of empowering young people.


Growing the project

Over the next year, we want to grow the Being ManKind project to reach the widest possible audience throughout the UK and beyond using stories told by positive role models. Our plans include expanding on the stories already told on a new digital platform, organising events to bring young people together, and compiling a second volume of stories aimed for primary school students to start the conversation at an earlier age.

We believe these goals can be achieved more efficiently and at a higher quality by involving like-minded individuals who have extensive experience in working with young people. By sharing our ideas, and seeking advice and support from those with expertise in the field, we can achieve our funding targets and better extend our reach to young people. Moreover, we can benefit from shared learning and discover innovative ways to inspire young people through pooled resources, knowledge and skills.


How will you benefit?

We believe Being ManKind is a unique project that provides an exciting and new opportunity to engage young people.  We are a highly motivated and innovative team, open to sharing ideas and adapting to grow the project. Being ManKind is one of a number of projects being undertaken by Super Being Labs, and together we form a highly skilled team of individuals who can offer extensive knowledge and skills to extend opportunities in your organisation.

We are creating a social network through which schools, charities, and individuals can communicate to achieve their collective goals. Periodically, we will run events to allow individuals and organisations to meet and exchange their ideas, and gain insights into the needs and requirements of other organisations. Together, we can form a network of support to discover resources, collaborations, and generate data to better inform future initiatives.

By working together and supporting one another, we believe that we can form a stronger unit to tackle these challenges head on and make a lasting difference to the lives of young people.

How can you join our community?

Get in touch via the contact form, or visit us in house.


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