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Being ManKind is more than just a book...

We run an outreach programme to bring the conversation to schools and youth organisations.

  • What are our aims?

    Our ultimate aim is to use the Being ManKind stories to ignite conversations among young people around the meaning of masculinity, humanity and equality, in a creative, engaging and unique way. Through the stories, we want to inspire young people to grow to be kind, empathetic and confident adults by focussing on the following behaviours:

    • Strive to be the best version of yourself – be someone you respect, be a good role model
    • Focus on the good things about yourself and others
    • Celebrate your individuality and diversity
  • How are we doing this?

    We have created a series of lesson plans and workshops based around the stories from Being ManKind Volume 1, which we provide free of charge together with a copy of the book.

    We believe that storytelling is a powerful tool to inspire and motivate people. We use real-life experiences as a way of engaging young people so that they can better understand their own emotions and those of people around them.

  • Who would benefit?

    The Being ManKind lesson plans, for 9-11 years and 11+ years, are perfectly suited for schools and Pupil Referral Units (PSHE or Morning Registration), youth organisations, Young Offender Institutions and older groups (e.g. prison, therapy groups). We provide all the resources needed for the sessions, which are intended to inspire open and honest discussions around important issues.

  • Is this just for boys?

    No! The sessions work well in both mixed and single-sex groups. We believe that we need to engage all genders in the conversation to create positive change.

  • Which topics are covered?

    1. Challenging gender roles & stereotypes
    2. Body image & self-esteem
    3. Celebrating & accepting diversity
    4. Peer pressure & bullying
    5. Big boys do cry (mental health)
    6. Realising your dreams and ambitions / Using your talents to change your world
    7. Relationships
    8. Role Models

    These 8 topics can be delivered either as a complete series or as individual lessons/ workshops on an ad hoc basis. We are constantly adding new lesson plans for KS3 & older that address a wider range of issues. You can find these under Supplementary Sessions. These include:

    1. Gangs & youth violence
    2. The Art of Manliness – a single session exploring what it means to be a man

Feedback from students and teachers


  • “I liked reading about other people’s stories, they taught us that we should treat others equally.”

    Year 8 Pupil
  • "As a teacher of teenage boys, I found the Being Mankind sessions to be particularly compelling and a vital starting point for the boys to discuss issues that relate directly to them.”

    Emily Trevitt
    Wetherby Prep School
  • “Fun! Innovative! Inspirational! This sums up the PSHE sessions in the classroom through the thought-provoking book - Being ManKind. PSHE lessons have been re-energised with core values which make us human. The children have been thoroughly engaged through stimulating, hands-on activities; from making prototype plans for a toy to team building towers. Lifelong skills which go beyond the classroom.”

    Nasima Morshed (Year 6 teacher)
    Uxendon Manor Primary School

We are working with a number of schools, Pupil Referral Units, youth and other organisations - here are just a few of them:

  • Uxendon Manor Primary School
  • New Horizon Youth Centre
  • Wetherby Preparatory School
  • Glenbrook Primary School
  • Paxton Primary school
  • Ilderton Primary School
  • Parkside Community College
  • The Limes College
  • Woolwich Polytechnic School
  • Off the Record - Young Carers Service
  • Kingston College
  • Pentonville Prison


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