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What's being said about Being ManKind Volume 1


Being Mankind is a wonderfully moving book filled with a wealth of personal experiences as told by a diverse range of inspiring men. In 5 years, Diversity Role Models has worked with over 50,000 students across the UK and knows firsthand that by sharing authentic, hopeful stories we can inspire empathy amongst young people, thus creating a more open, inclusive society. It's a must read for teachers and should be shared in schools to effect positive change.
Gemma Curtis, Head of Education, Diversity Role Models

A pioneering book of monumental importance and relevance in today's day and age, Being Mankind commences a conversation that addresses the much neglected issue of what it truly means to be a man. Concepts of masculinity are explored across cultures and without discriminatory borders, to reveal the true strength of human potential via an anthology of moving male perspectives. This courageous project is a much needed (and giant) leap... for men, for women, for Mankind.
Anusha Kumar, BBC Producer

A copy of this inspirational book should be in every school, college and university library in the country.
Professor David Edgar, City University

This remarkable book helps young people explore what it can mean to be man in the 21st century. Real-life stories, backed up with stunning photographs, inspire positive choices for a kinder future.
Jude Welton, Author

You can't help but feel inspired after reading the incredibly honest accounts of this diverse group of courageous men. Being ManKind certainly pushes the boundaries of our perception of what it is to be a man in today's society. Every school in the country should have a copy!
Graham Martin, Lawyer and Artist

It's a brilliant book and an absolute honour to be included along with such inspiring and amazing people. This book is an interesting, insightful, intelligent exploration of masculinity, which is such an important subject at the moment.
Dave Chawner, Comedian

In terms of the thought processes it invokes, and the discussions it starts, it's not an exaggeration to say Being Mankind is a visual and literary masterpiece. 175 reassuringly thick and glossy pages filled with stunning photos and candid accounts; this is the book that every male, young and old should read in 2016. There is no such thing as a fixed template for what makes a man. Every school, youth club... and coffee table should have a copy.
Jack Morris, Stay-at-home-dad blogger

As a teacher of teenage boys, I found the Being ManKind sessions to be particularly compelling and a vital starting point for the boys to discuss issues that relate directly to them. In a safe environment, we explored notions of gender, bullying and homophobia. The boys were incredibly receptive to the workshops due to the high quality work put in by the BeingMankind team. The resources were spot on – real life stories and pertinent videos brought the issues alive for the boys and we explored some challenging ideas together. The BeingMankind book and the resources made by the team are both hugely beneficial in areas of PSHE and social studies and I’m glad we had those opportunities to talk about what needs to be talked about.
Emily Trevitt, Whetherby School

Fun! Innovative! Inspirational! This sums up the PHSCE sessions in the classroom through the thought provoking book - Being ManKind. PHSCE lessons have been reenergised with core values which make us human. The children have been thoroughly engaged through stimulating, hands on activities; from making prototype plans for a toy to team building towers. Life long skills which go beyond the classroom.
Nasima Morshed, Primary School Teacher, Uxendon Manor

Being Mankind is an organisation that raises awareness about the conflict of chivalric masculinity in modern society. Having attended the launch party and engaged with the Being Mankind book, I have been inspired by the challenges they raise about what it means to be a man, and indirectly a woman. They also touch on how this is manifests in the personal experience of the numerous contributors of their book. It is important for us all to be aware of the repercussions of our thinking, and what guides us to think the way we do, to create an inclusive environment; an issue that the organisation raises in a creative and innovative manner.
Maxine Thomas-Asante, 1st Year Law Student

Being ManKind is a fantastic book, expertly written and edited. The stories leave you motivated and inspired and ready to pursue life to the full. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who needs a reminder of what is possible.
Frank Yeung, Restauranteur, London