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Being Mankind Volume 1

£27.00 with free P&P (in the UK)

You Buy One, We Gift One.

For every book bought, we donate one to a school or youth organisation that we work with. (Our educational programmes are entirely free and you can find out more here)

Being ManKind Volume 1 is a beautiful hardback book with a very special foreword by the World Heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Joshua MBE. His words are the beginning of 40 inspirational stories told over 176 pages, that have taken hundreds of interviews and 12 months to produce. We’ve put so much love, care, and attention into every tiny detail – from the way the book looks, to the paper used, to the finish on each detail. It’s a book you’ll be proud to have or to gift to someone. The best bit? Each time you do, you’re supporting our mission by using these stories to start a conversation and the funds help us do all our school work for free.

Gift this book to anyone (but especially teenagers) you care about and remember, for every book you buy, we donate one to a school or youth organisation that we work with. We want to inspire young boys to grow to be kind, empathetic, and confident humans who don’t conform to outdated gender stereotypes. Imagine a world where ‘Man Up!’ means nothing and instead, “Be Human, Be Yourself’ means everything?

You’ll love this book.
Being Mankind Volume 1 is a collection of inspiring stories told by men from all walks of life. You can sample some of them here. Each is an honest account of their experiences, ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary. From one man’s use of comedy to break the stigma around anorexia to a paratrooper who lost his legs on the battlefield and now rows for Great Britain. We want to show that once you get past the gender stereotypes, the only unbreakable code in humanity is kindness. If we can help the next generation understand their roles as individuals, only then can they start to positively understand their relationships with those around them. This will hopefully set us on a path towards equality, where we all succeed together.

What do people think of the book?

“A pioneering book of monumental importance and relevance in today’s day and age, Being Mankind commences a conversation that addresses the much-neglected issue of what it truly means to be a man. Concepts of masculinity are explored across cultures and without discriminatory borders, to reveal the true strength of human potential via an anthology of moving male perspectives. This courageous project is a much needed (and giant) leap… for everyone!” – Anusha Kumar, BBC Producer

“If you are a man, work with men and boys, live with them, bump into them in the street, once met one, grab this lovely book!” – Suzanne Jacob, Chief Executive – Safe Lives

“As a teacher of teenage boys, I found the Being Mankind sessions to be particularly compelling and a vital starting point for the boys to discuss issues that relate directly to them.” – Emily Trevitt, Wetherby Prep School

“This is a gorgeous book. Being Mankind is a thing of beauty with stories from positive male role models with the aim to show that young people can grow to be kind, empathetic and confident adults without feeling the need to conform to outdated masculine stereotypes. The photography is beautiful and the book is well worth the measly 30 quid. If you have teenagers, or you are a teacher, work with teenagers in any sense or you are my prison folk on here, do yourselves a favour and buy a copy” – Stuart Hogben, Photographer

“Being Mankind is a wonderfully moving book filled with a wealth of personal experiences as told by a diverse range of inspiring men. It’s a must-read for teachers and should be shared in schools to effect positive change.” – Gemma Curtis, Head of Education – Diversity Role Models

“Real-life stories, backed up with stunning photographs, inspire positive choices for a kinder future.” – Jude Welton, Author

“INCREDIBLY INSPIRATIONAL…The life stories had me in tears from the beginning. I felt the pain of their ordeal and was totally awestruck by how these amazing men turned their lives around. It has certainly helped me to put my life into perspective….” – Bhadresha Assani

“Many of us take fathers, older brothers, and Uncles for granted, but some are not furnished with that luxury. Vast amounts of young men today find themselves having to make the transition to adulthood from boyhood by a sequence of trial and error, often turning out pretty well, but often with unsatisfactory working out for themselves and those around them. Yet ‘Being ManKind’, carefully and lovingly brings vignettes of male guidance to those who mightn’t have had any. It’s an ambitious undertaking, not only does it look impressively glossy, but it’s done a rare thing – it has allowed men to talk; simply, openly and honestly.” – Harry Watkins