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12 months in the making…

01 Jul 2016

12 months in the making…

Twelve months ago, this all started off as a conversation between myself and Mark Lazarus. It was a coffee about some boring stuff (sorry Mark) and we started talking about role models for teenage boys (Mark has two young kids and I work on youth initiatives). We both felt that the traditional concept of masculinity was outdated and yet there are many men who lived as individuals, as kind and strong humans, rather than being defined by gender stereotypes. How could these role models be seen by young people and how could they inspire a move towards an equal society?

Mark and I put some resources together, and my team at Super Being Labs got stuck in. Being ManKind is the beginning of the result.

We didn’t want a boring text book or a series of lectures. We wanted a beautifully inspiring book that made people sit up and pay attention. It’s taken hundreds of interviews, thousands of miles of traveling and almost 12 months of solid work. We have such immense gratitude for those who have taken time out to help us, tell us stories, introduce us to people, open doors and just generally backed us all the way. We’ve loved every minute of it. Being ManKind Volume 1 is at the printers and will be with us shortly. The book was always intended to start the conversation and we hope the stories come to life beyond the book – not only through those conversations, but through inspiring explorations of key topics via other mediums of expression too.

Now it’s all real, Mark, Jenny, Priya and I are looking forward to collaborating with as many organisations as we can – so please do get in touch if you’re up for that. If we can help the next generation understand break through gender stereotypes and understand their roles as individuals, only then can they start to positively understand their relationships with those around them. This will hopefully set us on a path towards equality, where we all succeed together.

Through this project, we hope to address the unique issues that men and boys face in the 21st Century. You can help support our mission by getting the book and having conversations with young teenagers in your family. Remember, for every book you buy, we’ll be gifting one to a school or youth organisations. Over the next year, we’ll be bringing these stories through life through digital and film too. This is just the start of the journey and you’re very much part of helping us on it.

Thanks a million,


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